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We excel in video production services, national & international broadcasts, and supply professional film crews in various parts of the world.

We dispose of technological equipment (HD cameras, Cranes, Steadycam, Dolly's, underwater camera equipment...) which makes us one of the most reputable production companies in the sector. The overall experience, the technical and bond of our team offer the possibility to obtain, in a short time lapse and reasonable costs, exceptional results, otherwise to the contrary not obtainable and too challenging to obtain optimum results.Lets build the best outright solution for your video or production requests.

Unicafilm has a consolidated experience in cinematography production and services with 25 years experience in this sector. Our professional qualities and expertees are at your complete disposal for any requests you may have. And to satisy every technical needs.

We also rent out film material & full crew for any platform for your video platform. Short films, TV Movies, Documentaries, Corporate & non corporate internal videos, Events and Music Videos.

Not only do we supply a full production service for any request you may have, but we also have a TV Theatre Studio in the centre of Rome, fully equipped with the latest High Definition technology.